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This award recognises a project or initiative in which college and higher education institutions have utilised Glasgow 2014 and its legacy goals to make a significant contribution or substantial difference in sport, sporting performance or activity levels.

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North East Scotland College – 2014 Legacy Coaching Schools Project

Last year North East Scotland College Sports students provided over 1500 coaching hours to 46 Schools and Clubs across Aberdeen City and Shire where over 820 pupils experienced a range of sports including football, golf, basketball, gymnastics, swimming and rugby. Recently the students have also undertaken coaching of disability groups, further enhancing the diversity they will experience in the world of coaching and helping to demonstrate to these young people the opportunities that are available to them through sport.

One project that second year HND Coaching students are heavily involved with this year has been to support Middleton Park Primary School in preparing their pupils to participate in their ‘Oldmachar Commonwealth Games’. Having secured funding from the “Celebrate” fund, the school is working towards engaging 525 young people in over 240 hours of quality sports coaching to build skills, confidence and enthusiasm to help empower them to compete in the ‘Games’.

The culmination of all this work is the “Oldmachar Commonwealth Games” which will be a high profile event held at the Aberdeen Sports Village in June. The 525 young people will be organised into teams representing different Commonwealth Countries and will start the day with their own Torch Parade before taking part in a full day of sporting events. Students from North East Scotland College are taking on the responsibility of coordinating the final event as part of their Event Management course and other students from across the whole sport department will be engaged as referees, assistants, coaches and supervisors on the day.


Ayrshire College – Sporting Contribution to the Local Community

**MASTER AYRSHIRE COLLEGE BRAND_18APR13**Ayrshire College has a strong commitment to the provision of sport and fitness with a particular focus on the support of sport in the disabled community in Ayrshire, and continues to make a significant and essential contribution to children and young people with disabilities. This includes encouraging children and young people to take up sports, having greater opportunities to meet other young people with disabilities, taking part in new sports and developing further for competitive sports.

Improvements in the uptake of sport in the disabled community in Ayrshire are evident. The student-led sporting projects have many benefits to the community, and have included Ayrshire College students working with:

  • East Ayrshire Council and Active Schools to plan and implement a Boccia festival with over 200 disabled children.
  • The SFA, managing a UEFA Hearing Impaired Football Festival.
  • The ‘Ice Experience’, where pupils from ASN schools participated in ice skating, curling, sledging and hockey.
  • Ayrshire Sportsability Festival at Ayrshire Athletics Arena. The event is the focal point for disability sport within Ayrshire.

Encouraging community engagement is at the forefront of Ayrshire College’s objectives, and the outcomes of the projects and the differences made to the disabled community in Ayrshire are key. Ayrshire College is keen to continue partnership working and to promote the opportunities for children, young people and adults with disabilities to participate and achieve in sport and physical activity.


Dundee and Angus College and Abertay University – Dundee Academy of Sport

D&A_Logo_Main[1]Through funding from SFC, Dundee and Angus College together with Abertay University have embarked on the Dundee Academy of Sport. The project has three main aims: to use sport as a vehicle for engaging young people in education at school, to further develop the region’s workforce in the sport industry and to establish more seamless articulation between the two institutions resulting in a single provider of sport education in Tayside which will become known as the Dundee Academy of Sport.

Their work in schools uses sport as a context for learning across the curriculum engaging students in education by exploiting links between sport and a wide range of academic subjects, from maths to history, chemistry to sociology and nutrition to literature. The Academy also delivers and facilitates a range of CPD opportunities for the local sporting workforce thus supporting the delivery of community sport & physical activity opportunities. Academy staff also provide support to students in each institution to ensure that the articulation between the two is as smooth and progressive as possible. The goal is a pathway for learning that allows for seamless transition from school to college, college to university with lifelong learning opportunities for all available throughout the pathway.

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