2014 is set to be an amazing year for Scotland as Glasgow plays host to the biggest sporting event ever to come to our shores; the XX Commonwealth Games.

Borne out of shared anticipation and excitement for the Games, Universities Scotland and Colleges Scotland have teamed up together to host a one-off award ceremony that recognises and celebrates the many contributions that staff and students in Scotland’s further and higher education sectors are making to ensure that Glasgow 2014 is a fantastic success and will deliver an enduring legacy for Scotland’s people.

How are Scotland’s colleges and higher education institutions contributing?

There are close to 500,000 students and 50,000 staff in Scotland’s colleges and higher education institutions.

Amongst them are some of the elite athletes and trainers who will be looking to compete against the best the Commonwealth has to offer to win gold on home soil. Others are taking the opportunity the Games presents to work on ways to get more active and encourage others, of all ages, to do likewise. Some are developing their skills and talents in ways which will contribute to the hospitality, creativity or security of the Games. Many within colleges and universities are seeing the Commonwealth Games as an opportunity to make new or deeper connections across the Commonwealth or are involved in research which advances the understanding and professionalism of sport science, large-scale events or the history of the commonwealth. Some may have transferred their knowledge into new products or processes that Scottish businesses are using to take advantage of the many commercial opportunities that the Games provides.

There will be many exciting activities related to the Games happening in every classroom, campus and corner of Scotland’s colleges and universities. The Game Changer Awards are a chance to recognise and celebrate these many and varied contributions and be part of the exciting event that is the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The six different categories of award aim to recognise the breadth of contribution that colleges and higher education institutions are able to make to the Games and to sport in Scotland.

Who we are

Universities Scotland is the representative body of Scotland’s 19 higher education institutions. Colleges Scotland represents colleges within the 13 regions of  Scotland. We have partnered to deliver these awards and are working closely with Glasgow 2014 and the Scottish Government to do so. We are very proud that the Game Changer Awards is able to carry the official Glasgow 2014 legacy logo.